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Matthew 24:12  "And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall go cold."

Matthew 7:22  "Many shall say to me in that day, Lord, Lord have we not prophesied in your  name; and in your  name cast out demons; and in your name did many wonderful works? 

Matthew 7:23  "And then I will profess to them that I never knew you; depart from me workers of iniquity."

Iniquity abounds in the last days.  Among the workers of iniquity are those who say Lord, Lord and never has there been as many Gentile churches throughout the world as there are these days and with their spread everywhere, so too iniquity has spread every where and the love of many is cold.

Word to those who know God (1 John 4:6).  The evil that comes out of these Synagogues of Satan is among the iniquity which abounds; and among the workers of iniquity are those who say:  Lord, Lord - our wonderful works, our wonderful works and none other than the Gentile church goers could these people be who are the workers of iniquity for they say Lord, Lord in their Gentile churches, but they are following the false christ taught by the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul.  The Gentile churches are not of God, they are the Synagogues of Satan  (Revelation 2:9, Romans 2:28-29).  Come out of them People of the Lord!

And note that these workers of iniquity who are of the Gentile churches argue with the Lord; they are in shock and disbelief and protest to the Lord -- but you must know us, you must!  Look at all our wonderful works, how could you not know us!  They will not believe the Lord until they are forced from the presence of the Lord with his command "depart".   How much  less will the followers of the false christ of Pharisee Paul believe those on earth who tell them the truth!  

Darkness abounds the world over as the Gentile churches which are the Synagogues of Satan litter the earth.  Christ shall remove all things that offend and the prophets of the Gentile churches are numbered with the unclean (evil) spirits:

Zechariah 13:2  "I shall cause the prophets and the unclean spirits to be cast out of the land."

The Pharisees wrote the Talmud wherein Gentiles are called animals and Jesus is said to be burning in excrement.   Pharisee Paul, being of Satan, displays his ugly hatred for Gentiles and Christ in the following saying of Paul:

Hebrews 13:11-13:  "For the bodies of those beasts ... are burned outside the camp.  That is where the Lord is ... Let us go forth unto him that is suffering outside the camp and bear his shame."

The Levite priests who served in God's Temple would sacrifice an animal and bring its blood into the Sanctuary and the body of the beast would be carried outside the dwelling camp of God's people to be burned.   And it is that burning place outside the dwelling of God's people that evil Pharisee Paul places Christ, as he spews his evil saying in the above passage.  Pharisee Paul tells the Gentiles you go on outside the dwelling place of God's people (outside the camp) to be with your Lord who is hanging out with burning animal carcasses, suffering and full of shame. 

Psalm 16:10  "For you will not leave my soul in Hell; neither will you suffer thy Holy One to see corruption in the grave."

God does not say that his Son shall be suffering and full of shame, hanging out with burning animal carcasses after he is killed!  Rather, we read the love of God the Father for his Son who does not allow his Holy One to see corruption of his body in the grave or leave his soul in Hell.

The Pharisees established false temples for Gentiles based on God's Temple for the Jews:

1.  An altar to mimic the Altar in God's Temple (Hebrews 13:10)
2.  A ritual to perform at the church altars, the Eucharist, which is: Say Christ is dead until he comes back (1 Corinthians 11:26, 11:30)

That is the core of the Synagogues of Satan, the Gentile churches, as to ritual; and the doctrine of the Synagogues of Satan is the gospel of UN-circumcision of the false apostle, the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul to counter the gospel of Christ (Romans 15:8, Galatians 2:7-8).  The doctrine of the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul is that Gentiles are Jews if they believe on Paul's gospel, which teaching Christ calls blasphemy (Romans 2:28-29, Rev. 2:9). 

As stated above, Pharisee Paul makes a further comparison between the ritual of the Gentile churches and the ritual of the Temple of God for Jews by likening the body of the Lord Jesus Christ to the beasts whose bodies were put outside the camp to burn on a fire after they had been sacrificed in accordance with the Temple services God established for Jews. 

The Synagogues of Satan were always a money making racket from the beginning and of course it is all about the collection plate (Romans 15:27).   Satan's end of the deal through his minions, the Pharisees, is that souls are sold by the Babylon whore through teaching them the anti-Christ doctrine of UN-circumcision which doctrine the Pharisees would never have brought to the Gentiles if there was no money and power of authority involved for the Pharisees (Romans 15:27, Hebrews 13:7, 13:17, Rev. 18:13).  The Roman Catholic church is the whore, and she has harlots (Rev. 17;5).  The harlots are all the non-Catholic churches.  All churches regardless of denomination are all founded solely on the gospel of Pharisee Paul.

Revelation 2:9  "I know the blasphemy of those who claim to be Jews and are not; they are of the Synagogue of Satan."

Romans 2:28-29  "A Jew is not one who is outwardly a Jew  ... a Jew is one who is circumcised in his heart."

The foregoing teaching in Romans 2:28-29 is blasphemous teaching.  Christ says it blasphemy to teach that Gentiles are Jews and Christ says such teaching emanates from the Synagogue of Satan (Rev. 2:9).   Therefore, the Gentile churches are Synagogues of Satan because they teach Romans 2:28-29, which is Pharisee Paul's teaching that to believe on his gospel is to become circumcised in the heart and thereby become a Jew.  Paul's gospel is for Gentiles (Galatians 2:7-8), and it is Gentile believers on Paul's gospel that are the true Jews, according to Romans 2:28-29.  Take it up with the Lord, not me.  Hate God by ignoring the foregoing and instead loving church altars more than Him.  No church is of God because all churches are established solely on the doctrine of Pharisee Paul, and all Pharisees are of Satan (John 8:44).

John 8:44  "You are of your father the  Devil and the lusts of your father you do."

Both the Beast and the false apostle and anti-Christ, Pharisee Paul/Saul of Tarsus, mock that which is of God.  The Beast mocks the Tabernacle of God and Pharisee Paul mocks the servants of God's Tabernacle:

Revelation 13:6   ... the Beast opened his mouth to blaspheme the Tabernacle of God

Hebrews 13:10  Gentiles have an altar that those who serve the Tabernacle have no right to eat at

A CONSPIRACY CARRIED OUT LONG AGO THAT IS ONGOING TO THIS DAY - the anti-Christ, false apostle Pharisee Paul (Acts 23:6, 26:5, Philippians 3:5 - he is a Pharisee) and his fellow Pharisees went to the Gentiles to present them with a false christ, an anti-Christ gospel of uncircumcision -- and the Pharisees did so for  money and power.  They conquered suckered and duped Gentiles for their wealth and enslaved them to a false religious system which is the Gentile churches, all denominations are the Synagogues of Satan with the unholy altar (Hebrews 13:10), the Eucharist of Death (1 Corinthians 11:26, 11:30) and they teach the doctrine of the anti-Christ Pharisee Paul (1 John 2:18).

The gospel of Pharisee Paul, who is of the tribe of Benjamin, fulfills the prophecy of Jacob:

Genesis 49:1, 49:27  ... in the last days ... Benjamin is as a wolf who devours his prey and divides the spoils

Philippians 3:5   ... I am a Pharisee of the tribe of Benjamin

Romans 15:27, Pharisee Paul returns to his fellow Pharisees in Jerusalem reporting that he has taught the Gentiles that it the duty of Gentiles to give Pharisees money because Pharisees are teaching Gentiles God's words.  The Pharisees established churches wherein Gentiles were enslaved and far too many still enslaved to that false religious system.  The ruling authority in the churches was later expanded to include Gentiles in those positions of authority over the lay, which is a term used to describe the peon Gentiles sitting in the pews.  The lay to this day pay their spiritual rulers!

Hebrews 13:17 "Obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves for they watch out for souls as they must give an account to God for you".

Hebrews 13:7 "Remember those who have the rule over you, who have spoken unto you the word of God".

Understand the context of the above passages: it is the Pharisees teaching their duped Gentile subjects that they must obey their Pharisee spiritual rulers who brought them the alleged Christ, but in reality presented to the Gentiles a false Christ, a gospel that is not the gospel of Christ.  The Pharisees are the Nicolaitans referred to by Christ in Revelation 2:15. Nicolaitan means 'Conqueror of the Lay' (Nico - Conqueror, Laitan - Lay).  And Pharisee Paul went to Asia to try to sell them on his false christ, but the Jews of the Lord did not believe him:

Revelation 2:2 Jesus tells his Jewish people in Asia that he knows about those men who came to them claiming to be apostles and they found those men to be liars.

2 Timothy 1:15 Pharisee Paul states that all of Asia rejected him.

In Acts 21:27-30 The Jews of Asia had Pharisee Paul removed from God's Temple, saying that everywhere Paul goes he preaches against the Jewish people, against Moses' law and against the Temple.

Gentiles have been duped and suckered into believing the lies of Pharisee Paul/Saul of Tarsus merely because the doctrine of Pharisee Paul is included under that one cover titled Bible, which also contains writings that are of the prophets God and the apostles of Christ.   Many people cannot imagine that there could be lies in any of the four bibles.  But understand, the Bible is not like the Ark of the Covenant in which the Book of God's Law was placed. The act of placing Pharisee Paul's gospel with Christ's gospel and the writings of Moses and the prophets under one cover and claiming that all the writings therein are of God was performed by pagans and men of Satan (325 A.D. Council of Nicea), but the gates of Hell did not prevail against the gospel of Christ and at least Matthew and John were included among the writings in that first of four bibles that came into being in 325 A.D.

All four bibles vary in number of writings, for men disagree on what writings are of God, and which are not of God.  The Protestant bible contains sixty-six writings, the least among all bibles.  The Ethiopian Bible contains eighty-one writings, the most among the four bibles.  However,  all bibles have in common their new testament section, which consists of six writings of Jews of the Lord and twenty-one writings of Jews of Satan, including Pharisee forgeries 1 and 2 Peter, Mark, Luke, James and Jude.  Matthew and John are the only witnesses of Christ's testimony in all four bibles, and the writings of Matthew and John made it in all four bibles because Christ said the gates of Hell shall not  prevail against  His gospel. 

Consider the fact that men of Satan sat in the seat of Moses within God's Temple.  The Pharisees and scribes were the religious authority of the Temple under King Herod (Matthew 23:2).  So do not be surprised that these men of Satan that were leaders in God's Temple, yet were of Satan - were also all over the gospel of Christ to deceive people to turn them away from following the doctrine of Christ and lead them to follow the doctrine of a Pharisee (the gospel of Paul) by placing their lying writings in with the true writings of the prophets and disciples of God under one cover titled "Bible" and then with the full authority and might of the Roman authorities to back up their demand, commanded all to view every writing in their Bible as being the word of God.  Do you think it is not fair that God allowed lies in the four bibles?  But then who told you that God ordained any bible?  The first of four bibles came out the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., with pagan Roman Emperor Constantine presiding and the religious authorities, the Pharisees and scribes, in attendance.  Stand on the truth of the evidence and do not be blinded by a false belief that just because a writing is under that one cover titled "Bible" that it must be a writing of God. Remember, not all Bibles are the same as to the number of writings because men disagree as to what writing is and is not of God, and it is men, not God, who choose the writings to place under that one cover titled "Bible", with the exception that Christ saw to it that his gospel made it in all four bibles through his two witnesses, Matthew and John.

The false argument in favor of the Bible containing nothing but writings of God's prophets and disciples that is given by intellectually dishonest men and spiritually blind men is: if you ignore Pharisee Paul's writings,  you might as well ignore all the writings in the Bible; and that is a wholly specious argument.  The Book of Acts is a mix of historical truth and lies (John 20:22 is truth, Acts 2:3-4 is a lie, Acts 21:27-30 is truth).   Mark and Luke were not apostles of Jesus Christ and their writings are rightly ignored as well.  They are writings of Pharisees that contains some of what is in Matthew and John, but also contain lies.  Matthew and John were apostles of Christ, and Christ said the Holy Spirit would bring into the remembrance of Christ's apostles all that Christ did while they were with him during Christ's time on earth so they could write it down as a witness for all the world.   Christ has the words of eternal life (John 6:68).  Pharisee Paul has the words that lead to Hell, as he presented the world with a false christ, and did so while doing great signs and wonders (Matthew 24:23-24, Romans 15:19).

The reason so much of the writings of the prophets of God made it into the Bible is because the Pharisees were among those at the Council of Nicea and Pharisees identified themselves with the prophets of God; they claimed Abraham was their father and they claimed that they loved the prophets of God and would never have killed them.  But Christ told them that their father is Satan and that they are the descendants of those who killed the prophets. Pharisees are of the seed of Abraham, they are Jews (John 8:37).  But they are Jews of Satan because they do evil.

The Pharisees lost the Temple in 70 A.D., but they gained a vast empire via their conquering of the Gentiles to enslave them in false temples, the Gentile churches - the behemoth Roman Catholic Church being the glory and power of the Pharisees.  The real power and authority of the Roman Catholic Church is not the white pope or the black pope but rather the Holy Synod which is comprised of the descendants of the Pharisees to this day and has been since its inception!

The Bible came into existence via a meeting termed, the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D., which meeting took place with the pagan Roman Emperor Constantine presiding and religious authorities deciding which writings shall be placed under that one cover titled "Bible".    Up to the time of said meeting, there was much dissension between those who followed the doctrine of Christ and rejected the doctrine of Pharisee Paul and those who agreed with Pharisee Paul's doctrine.   So the Pharisees sought the might of the Roman Emperor to quash opposition to Pharisee Paul's false gospel via secular authority recognition of their Bible, which they obtained from the Roman Emperor.  Prior to 325 A.D. the doctrine of Christ stood alone and the doctrine of Pharisee Paul stood alone, not together under any one book cover.

The Roman Emperor Constantine, being a great pagan leader, could of course most appreciate the doctrine the Pharisees teach Gentiles which is that all in government are of God.  Romans 13 states that those in government authority are the agents of God and the Gentiles must give their complete obedience and submission to those in government.  So Constantine was quite eager to have the Gentiles indoctrinated with the doctrine of the Pharisees, which is why Constantine, though a pagan who wholly rejected the doctrine of Christ, was so eager to get the Pharisee doctrine out there via the "Bible" and later enacted laws that brought punishment on Gentiles who would follow God's commandments regarding circumcision, and regarding the Passover and other commandments of God.  The evil Pharisees ingratiate themselves with whatever government power that exists - let the Pharisees have their sphere of spiritual rule over people, and then Pharisees will teach their subjects to give their complete obedience and submission to that governmental power, whatever that power may be.  Thus, the whore of Revelation 17 signed a Concordat with Hitler - that is the Roman Catholic Church entered into an agreement with Hitler's government (Concordat).  The Roman Catholic Church admits it assisted Nazis in escaping to South America after World War 2.   As a side note, it is said that the black pope is head of worldwide Freemasonry.

The Pharisees made Gentiles slaves to themselves - to their churches set up for the Gentiles, to be paid into by the Gentiles, and made them slaves to the Roman government, at least those Gentiles that were gullible enough to submit themselves to the Pharisee doctrine.  The slave system established by Pharisees for Gentiles  is set forth in Romans 13, Hebrews 13:7 and 13:17.    The Satanic ritual for the Gentiles established by the Pharisees is as set forth in 1 Corinthians 11:26, to take place before an idol, a false altar (Hebrews 13:10).  An unholy altar that the Pharisees say those who serve God's commandments have no right to eat of.   I do not want to eat of the altar established by men of Satan, to kneel before (idolize) the altar, so I can take bread and wine ritual that signifies I'm pretending Christ is dead.  So the Pharisees say to the Gentiles: do our ritual as often as you want.  We Satanic Pharisees love to see you duped and suckered Gentiles pretending your Christ is dead! 

The Pharisees lost the Temple of God in 70 a.d., but gained a vast empire through their churches that evolved into the Roman Catholic Church.  The Reformation was nothing more than a reconquering of the Gentiles via the doctrine of Pharisee Paul when the Catholic Church lost its temporal power.  
As the bible became translated from Latin into modern languages, arose a German priest, Martin Luther, who protested the Roman Catholic Church practice of indulgences, pay to sin.  Luther did not follow the doctrine of Christ as recorded by apostles John and Matthew. Luther preferred the doctrine of evil Jew Pharisee Paul.   Later on Luther committed the sin:

John 16:2 "They shall put you out of the synagogues ...."

Luther persecuted Jews, but of course Romans 11:28 says that Jews are the enemy of the gospel, so Luther was just following his Master Pharisee Paul; while Jesus says salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22) and Jesus says the time will come when Gentiles will kill the Jews thinking they are doing God's service.   And they do these things because they do NOT know the Father, nor Jesus Christ.   Luther did not know Jesus Christ, he did not know God.

John 16:2 "... the time will come when whoever kills you will think he is doing God's service.

John 16:3 "And these things they will do to you because they have not known the Father, nor me."

The Roman Catholic Church is the mother harlot of Revelation 17, and all the denominations that teach the doctrine of Pharisee Paul are her daughter harlots, which is all the churches for they all preach the doctrine Pharisee Paul.  They all have the idols set up - cross images, altars as if the altar of God's Temple and images of men and women, images of their Jesus.   At first, the Pharisee-instituted Gentile churches placed their unholy altar on the West side of their church building, as the true Altar of God in God's Temple was in the west.  Later, the Pharisees, being of Satan, moved their unholy altars for Gentiles to the East of their church buildings, just as pagans have their altars in the East.  Every church has its altar, its unholy altar, in the East.

First and foremost of all the contradictions among the writings in the Bible is:  Matthew 28:19-20 and Revelation 14:6 - both confirm there is one gospel for all; versus Pharisee doctrine set forth in Galatians 2:7-8 which teaches that there is one gospel for Gentiles and another gospel for Jews - a gospel of uncircumcision for the Gentiles was committed to Pharisee Paul; and a gospel of circumcision for the Jews was committed to Peter, according to Pharisee Paul.  But that is a lie of the Pharisees for there is one gospel for all!  And that same gospel of circumcision taught by Peter is the one that  is to be obeyed by the Gentiles as well, as confirmed in Matthew 28:19-20 and Revelation 14:6!

Yes, Jesus did tell his apostles to go only to the house of Israel and not to go to the Gentiles or Samaritans (Matthew 10:5).  However, after the death and resurrection of Christ, he instructed his apostles to take his gospel to all nations, teaching them his commandments and baptizing them:

Matthew 28:19-20 "Go therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit - teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you...."  

One Gospel for All!

So the true apostles of Christ were constantly on the move, going about teaching and baptizing.  And once an area covered - the people taught and baptized, then the apostles moved on to reach new people who haven't yet  heard the gospel of Christ.  They did not set up spiritual rulers over the people they taught, they did not set up a system of spiritual rulers over lay, that stuff is of the evil Pharisees.  Read John 4, do you think Jesus forgot to mention to the woman of Samaria:  I am going to send a Pharisee with a separate gospel for Gentiles and he will establish Gentile Temples of God all throughout the world where the Father will be worshiped?  No, Jesus did not forget, the fact is none of these churches of the Gentiles are of God, none of them.  So come out of them, people of Jesus!  Worship the Father in spirit and truth and give of your time and money in accordance with Matthew 25:31-46.  The true apostles of Christ did not set up a system of lay people with spiritual rulers over them and the lay give over their wealth and time to their spiritual rulers, which is the organizational structure of all the churches that preach the false doctrine of Pharisee Paul, that have that false, unholy altar and engage in an unholy ritual of bread and wine to pretend Jesus is dead
(Hebrews 13:10, 1 Corinthians 11:26).  Matthew 23:8-10 Jesus says all who obey him are all brethren with no master over them but Jesus.  So Jesus says call no man Master, Rabbi - and priest, minister, reverend, pastor, etc. are all positions akin to Master and Rabbi.  Those who obey Jesus are all to be teachers and doers of God's commandments, as Jesus says in Matthew 5:17-20.  And no one is the spiritual ruler over the people of Jesus, but Jesus himself!  But under the false doctrine of Pharisee Paul, Gentiles are made spiritual slaves to men who claim to be of God and made slaves to secular government authorities who the Pharisees claim are also of God, and to whom Gentiles must give their complete obedience and submission
(Hebrews 13:7, 13:17 and Romans 13).

One gospel for all is the truth! 

Revelation 14:6 "And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth - to every nation, kindred, tongue and people."

The lie of Pharisee Paul is that there are two gospels (Galatians 2:7-8) and not just one gospel.  The lie that Gentiles are not under the gospel of Jesus, just as the Jews are, for the Pharisee admits that Peter is the apostle of the circumcision, just as his master, Jesus Christ.

Romans 15:8 "Now I say that Jesus Christ was a minister of the circumcision ...."

But Pharisee Paul says "CURSED" be any who brings to the Gentiles any gospel that is not the gospel preached by him, which is to say cursed is the true apostles of the minister of circumcision, Jesus Christ, that includes Apostles Peter, John and Matthew - if they teach the Gentiles the gospel of circumcision.  The term "circumcision" used to describe the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ is that of men of Satan, the Pharisees. Personally, I would not reduce the gospel of Christ to being a 'gospel of circumcision'!

Galatians 1:8 "But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach another gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed"

Pharisee Paul is the alleged apostle to the Gentiles, as he claimed of himself:

Galatians 2:7-8 "the gospel of uncircumcision was committed to me ... toward the Gentiles".

Romans 11:13 "...I am the apostle to the Gentiles...."

So there you have it, the evil Pharisee Paul curses any one who teaches to the Gentiles the doctrine of the minister of circumcision, which is the doctrine of Jesus Christ!  Yeah, those evil Pharisees want those Gentiles for themselves.  You cannot have them Jesus, no no no -- we Pharisees will enslave those Gentiles with our false Christ, to put them into spiritual bondage to us and demand their wealth for bringing them spiritual teaching (Hebrews 13:7, 13:17, Romans 15:27).   The minister of circumcision is Jesus Christ, as the Pharisees admit (Romans 15:8), but they say any who teaches to the Gentiles what Jesus Christ taught while on earth, let him be cursed.   Pharisee Paul says - you Gentiles, believe me that I received a new gospel from Christ after he died and went to Heaven, and it's  just for you Gentiles.  Yeah, Christ called out to me from Heaven and said, Pharisee, you child of the Devil,  I need you man - go to the Gentiles and teach them a new gospel.  Tell the Gentiles I, Jesus Christ, did away with the law, but just for you Gentiles.  And I want you Gentiles to give your money over to these Pharisees, stay single if you want to be all holy and give your complete obedience to the Pharisees and any Government you Gentiles find yourselves under*! 

Irrefutable proof I have presented hereinabove that anti-Christ Pharisee Paul curses anyone who teaches the doctrine of Christ to the Gentiles, as said doctrine is recorded by John and Matthew ... and the other true apostles of Christ if such writing exists.  Where is the Gospel According to Peter, I would like to read it.  The good, the humble, the intellectually honest will not dispute the obvious - Pharisee Paul curses anyone who teaches Gentiles any other gospel but the gospel of uncircumcision, and Jesus is the minister of the circumcision, and so too Peter (Galatians 2:8 - Peter is the apostle of the circumcision), as well as Peter's fellow apostles, including Matthew and John!

(*Colossians 2:14, Romans 15:27, 1 Corinthians 7:1, 7:25-26, 7:34, Romans 13. As to Colossians 2:14, the Pharisee mocks Gentiles saying the Law of God - you know do not steal, do not murder, do not bear false witness, etc. - all of that is contrary to the nature of Gentiles hahaha!  But Pharisee Paul, being a moronic hypocrite, says, on the other hand, when arguing with Jews who say follow God's law in Romans 2 - "...for when the Gentiles do by nature those things contained in the law ...."   Hold up there evil Pharisee Paul, you just said in Colossians 2:14 that the Law of God is contrary to the nature of Gentiles, so Christ (who is God) nailed his own law to the cross, hey but just for you Gentiles; on the other hand, you say the Gentiles by nature do those things contained in God's law.  Which is it, moron?  I mean the hypocrisy never ends with these Pharisees!  The saying holds true: oh the tangled web we weave when at first we conspire to deceive.  By the way, in Romans Chapter 2, Pharisee Paul, the miserable child of Hell, loses the intellectual battle with the Jews who say follow God's law and has a mental breakdown admitting that he is a liar - Romans 3:7 "If the truth of God has spread because of my lie, why are you Jews who say follow God's law judging me a sinner?"  Truth from lies?  Jesus ain't kidding when he says Pharisees are of the Devil (John 8:44))!

People who honor the Jesus Christ that came to earth in the flesh, please wake up.  I got that evil Pharisee Paul dead to rights based on his own words, his own words condemn him!  Jesus isn't lying when he says in Matthew 23:17 that Pharisees are fools and blind!  Gets even better.   What a scene - here is Jesus (and he is God, God the Son) and God is saying to the Pharisees - you know man I am God and I put the question to you Pharisees - how you going to escape Hell?  How you guys going to do that?  I'm God and I can't figure out how you guys are going to escape Hell - just ain't going to happen, Matthew 23:33.  The mighty Lion of Judah shall crush the heathen and workers of iniquity when he returns.  He has already destroyed the works of the Devil by gaining possession of the keys of Death and of Hell, Revelation 1:18!  His last enemy to defeat are the wicked and evil people who refuse to come to the light, that includes those of the Synagogues of Satan, the Gentile Churches who are workers of iniquity and iniquity abounds in the last days and the Gentile churches are everywhere.

The Pharisees are children of Hell and I, though being Gentile, refuse to follow the false gospel of anti-Christ Pharisee Paul for the Gentiles and instead I follow the gospel of Christ as recorded by Matthew and John who are fellow apostles of Peter!   Evil Pharisee Paul curses the apostles of Jesus Christ for teaching Gentiles the gospel of Jesus Christ, but his curse is to no avail, for the true apostles of Christ did go among the Gentiles to teach them the gospel of Christ and baptize them, pursuant to the command of Jesus in Matthew 28:19-20.

I digress here, to reveal a truth that confirms as I state that Pharisees are the owners and operators, so to speak, of the Roman Catholic Church -  Is not the Roman Catholic Church a Gentile church?   So being a Gentile church, why is the office of the Popes termed the "Petrine Office" and not the "Pauline Office", seeing that Paul is the apostle for the Gentiles and Peter the apostle for Jews, as the Pharisees claim?  Why is it called the Office of Peter and not the Office of Paul?  The answer is these are the Pharisees that are the masters, the highest authorities (the Holy Synod) of the Roman Catholic Church.  Pharisees are Jews and the Pharisees never gave up their position as Jews, they never gave up following God's law, in lip service that is because they are hypocrites.   So actually they identify with Peter who says, as Jesus taught, follow God's commandments; and of course the Pharisees made up the gospel to the Gentiles, they know it is nothing but lies.   Just as the Pharisees claimed to be of their father, Abraham - so too they claimed we are of the root of Jesse and we shall present our Christ to the Gentiles to enslave them to us:

Romans 15:12 "... There shall be a root of Jesse, and that he shall rise to reign over the Gentiles and in him the Gentiles shall trust."

The evil Pharisees took the scripture of God written of Jesus, for Jesus is the root of Jesse that shall reign over the Gentiles and whom the Gentiles shall trust, and applied it to themselves.  But just as the Pharisees are not of Abraham, but of their father, the Devil, so too they are not of the root of Jesse.  Just Satan's men who came to the Gentiles deceiving them with a false Christ; and the Pharisees did their evil for money and power.  People wrongly say it is the money changers that killed Christ; they are liars.  It is the Pharisees and scribes that had Christ put to death  for they feared loss of their authority in this world, their cushy positions of power over people in this world:

John 11:47-48 "The chief priests and Pharisees gathered saying "what shall we do with this man who does many miracles?  If we leave him alone, all men will follow him and then the Roman authorities will come and take away our place and nation."

The Roman Catholic Church claims the right to punish heretics, to make people follow church doctrine, as set forth in the Council of Trent, and here is the Pharisee false teaching on that matter:

Romans 15:18 "[Pharisee Paul shall] make the Gentiles obedient...."

You see it is that "make" mandate (make those Gentiles obedient in word and deed) that justifies the Roman Catholic Church position that they have the right to bring punishment on heretics.    Now how this Pharisee Paul shall make Gentiles obedient in word and deed when he himself is a slave to sin, well - it's just the hypocrisy of Pharisees.  Pharisees are liars - makers and lovers of lies and all such have their place in Hell.  Jesus was not lying when he said Pharisees are of their father, the Devil, that they are children of Hell!

Romans 7:25 "I serve the law of sin in my flesh and the law of God in my mind"

Romans 7:17 "When I sin, it is  not I that sins but sin that dwells in my flesh does the sinning"

Romans 7:19 "I want to do good, but do not do good, I do not want to do evil, but evil is what I do".

Romans 7:23 "My mind is at war with my flesh"

Romans 7:24 "Oh wretched man that I am who shall save me from this body of death"

Does any one believe that nonsense that when one does evil, it is not he that does the evil but this 'ultimate body snatcher type thing'  (sin) that does the sinning?  What an excuse for doing evil: to say - it is not I but sin that dwells in my flesh that does the sinning.  Trust me, the Pharisee Paul, though I do evil I most certainly delight in God's law in my mind.  Pharisees are hypocrites, and so stupid!   And this evil man is going to make the Gentiles obedient in word and deed!  Further, I would not want that pathetic, evil person that Paul describes himself as, to be around children.  Here the man says he does evil and he has no control over it - I sure would not want him around children.   The man sounds like a psycho and he is, for all children of Hell are given over to lunacy in the end, they've given up on truth, wisdom, understanding and prefer to make and love lies.

So the evil Pharisee Paul, who says he serves sin in the flesh, is going to make the Gentiles obedient in their flesh!   Ah, Jesus was not lying when he said Pharisees are hypocrites!

The gospel of the self-proclaimed 13th apostle of Christ, Pharisee Paul/Saul of Tarsus,  is a doctrine that is opposed to the doctrine of Christ.  Where one gospel is termed "uncircumcision" and the other gospel termed "circumcision" the very titles themselves declare they are opposing doctrines.  But then Pharisee Paul does not dispute that the gospel of Jesus laid down while he was in the flesh on earth is different from the gospel of Jesus that allegedly was given to Pharisee Paul by Jesus in Heaven (after the death and resurrection of Jesus), rather Pharisee Paul says everything that Jesus taught while in the flesh on earth is a lie because God the Father wants it that way:
Romans 11:32 "God has concluded all Jews in unbelief in order that God can have mercy on everyone."

For those who think there are no contradictions among the writings in the Bible, this will educate you to the truth that there are indeed contradictions among the writings in the Bible; that is between those writings that are of God and those that are not of God.  There are no contradictions among the writings that are of God.  Pharisee Paul does contradict his own statements numerous times, here's one example:

Romans 3:7 "If the truth of God is being spread by my lie ...."

Romans 9:1 "I tell the truth in Christ, I do not lie ...."

I have set forth the fundamental contradiction - that being the truth, One Gospel for All - versus the lie of Pharisee Paul that there are two separate gospels, one for Jews and one for Gentiles.  There are many other contradictions, for example:

John 20:22 states that Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on his apostles.

Acts 2:3-4 claims that the Holy Spirit descended upon the apostles via tongues of fire.

For those who thought the doctrine of the false apostle Paul is the doctrine of Christ as laid down by Christ while Christ walked the earth in the flesh - your eyes have been opened to the truth that the doctrine of Pharisee Paul is in absolute opposition to said doctrine of Christ!  And Pharisee Paul does not deny same; he wants Gentile and Jew suckers to believe God lied in order that he can have mercy on all (Romans 11:30-32).  Intellectual honesty reigns here and the Lord is the author of all understanding, wisdom and reasoning!

Only a descendant of Abraham, Issac and Jacob is a Jew.  A Gentile is not a descendant of Abraham, Issac and Jacob.  Never has been, never will be.  Revelation 2:9 and Romans 2:28-29:  Jesus says it is blasphemy for Gentiles to call themselves Jews and that such teaching emanates from the Synagogues of Satan.  Pharisee Paul teaches that only a Gentile circumcised in his heart is the real Jew, with those who are physically the descendants of Abraham, Issac and Jacob not being true Jews, and that is a lie from a child of Hell (Matthew 23:15).  I honor Jesus, not the Gentile churches.  The Gentile churches preach the gospel of Pharisee Paul who dishonors the Lord Jesus Christ.  The Gentile churches are the Synagogues of Satan.  Come out of them people of the Lord.  Honor the Lord by acting in accordance with Matthew 25:31-46 and honor the Lord by refusing to preach, in fact preach against, the lawless gospel of Pharisee Paul.
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